Meet the real nurses behind our new Weston nurse recruitment film – John

Meet the real nurses behind our new Weston nurse recruitment film – John


Watch our Weston nurse recruitment film  and find out below about what it means to him working and living in Weston.

Can you tell us a bit about your career history?

“I started here in Weston General Hospital when I was a nursing auxiliary back in 2002. I actually started on the ward that I now manage. After four years I left to do registered nurse training and came back as a band 5 nurse. After another four years I became a band 6 nurse and since Christmas I became a band 7 ward manager.

Why do you love living and working in Weston?

I am born and bred Weston and it’s the only place I can imagine being. Weston means so much to me because my family are here. In terms of working in Weston, I started at a young age here and worked my way through. As the hospital is so small, it’s like a family more than anything else really.


What would you say is your proudest moment at Weston?

I think any of the positive experiences I’ve had here, things like meeting and building my team has been a good challenge and I’m proud of the work they do.


What’s the best thing about Weston General Hospital?

It’s probably because it’s so small, people know each other… even if you don’t work with together, everyone has some sort of connection to each other.


Do you have any future aspirations for your time here at Weston?

Well I didn’t have any future aspirations to become the ward manager! So, probably not, I just go with the flow and see where things take me to be honest.


What is your favourite thing to do in Weston in your spare time?

Just spend time with the family, more and more now the kids are older, we can go out and do things. Like go to the bars and restaurants for meals out on the seafront. I also like spending time with my team; having parties and birthdays, that’s always lovely.”


We’d like to give a massive thank you again to John for helping us create this recruitment film.

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