Staff Engagement
& Wellbeing

At UHBW we are committed to improving the engagement and wellbeing of all our staff. We encourage our employees to share ideas and engage with the Trust at all levels, through the use of staff forums, our innovative programs like our award-winning Happy App, and the many strategies we put in place, like our new Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2020 – 2025.

Not only that, but our Occupational Health department at the Trust is a part of the Avon Partnership; one of the largest fully integrated Occupational Health services within the NHS in England and Wales. A service which is committed to providing support to maintain the emotional and physical wellbeing of the staff and providing a range of resources on the matter. We also provide training when dealing with staff well-being, from stress awareness & self-care to supporting psychological well-being in the team.

Staff Forums

At UHBW we support and commend the work of the staff forums, actively encouraging staff to join, and are committed to support the release of staff to enable them to take part in staff forum activities.

The Trust has three staff forums, open to staff from all areas and staff groups:

  • The BAME (Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic) Workers Forum
  • LAWDII (Living & working with Disability, Illness or Impairment)
  • LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender) Forum

For more information regarding the forums please see the PDF above.

Workforce Diversity
and Inclusion Strategy
2020 – 2025

The Trust is committed to inclusion in everything we do, and as such has been focusing on diversity and inclusion as an integral part of the Workforce and Organisational Development (OD) strategy for a number of years.

“Respecting everyone is a key Trust value and is essential in the behaviours of all staff. The principles of fairness, equality and celebrating differences are essential to a high-performing organisation, particularly in a city like Bristol, which has a hugely diverse population.”

Jeff Farrar, Trust Chairman

The strategy is a commitment to a five-year journey to improve diversity and inclusion for the working lives of all of our staff and the experience of our patients.

For more information regarding the strategy please see the PDF above.

Living Well Guides

At UHBW your wellness is our top priority, which is why we have created this series of guides, to help support positive well-being in the workplace and outside of work. Regardless of your role, as a member of the Trust you are hugely important to the care of our patients and to the running of a busy acute Trust. All of us can struggle at times with how we feel and can all get stressed. These resources are for you to use on your own, which may help you feel as well as you can. However, we encourage all employees, if they feel further support would be helpful, to speak to a Manager or other trusted colleagues.

Download here:

Noticing your thoughts
Being in the moment
How do I feel?
Balancing behaviours
Sleeping well