Our Behaviours & Values

Here at University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust our priority is to transform the care we deliver so we provide sustainable healthcare services, which are driven by quality and excellence.

To do this we must together build and develop the capability of our people, and share common values and behaviours which are transparent and visible in whichever role we play.

Here we describe our Trust’s values and behaviours. They are at the very heart of all that we do, and should inform every action we take and every decision we make. They encompass a desire in all of us to provide the highest quality of care to patients and each other.

As Chief Executive of UHBW, I believe that diversity is a vitally enriching part of everyday life, including our workplace interactions and decisions. Our humanity is what binds us together but we mustn’t forget that each of us is a uniquely different human being. By respecting our differences inside our common humanity, regardless of race, colour, religion or sexual orientation, we will build a fairer organisation, where everyone can thrive.
Robert Woolley, Chief Executive
By creating a diverse and equal workplace we are able to draw on a wide range of ideas from a workforce full of different skills, experiences, resources, talents and energies. As Chair of the Trust I feel passionately that we deliver on this aspiration to ensure that we have a workforce that truly represents the population we serve.
Jeff Farrar, Chairman

What it’s like to work at University Hospitals Bristol and Weston

Expected Behaviours:

  • Communicate openly, honestly and listen to others
  • Treat everyone in a friendly, courteous manner, smile and make eye contact
  • Learn from mistakes and ask for support
  • Provide consistently high standards of care and service at all times
  • Actively seek better ways of working to achieve improvements
  • Uphold UHBW’s values and be proud to work here
  • Respond promptly to telephones, call bells and other requests for help
  • Have pride and strive to do their best
  • Take responsibility and assist everyone who appears lost
  • Seek out ways to learn and develop
  • Be positive and enthusiastic
  • Adopt a flexible and willing approach

Behaviours we do NOT expect to see:

  • Any act of discrimination
  • Continually moan to others without making any attempt to change things
  • Appear unapproachable, moody or bad tempered
  • Blame others and make excuses
  • Being unsupportive of change / new ideas for improvement
  • Rude or insensitive behaviour
  • Ill treatment or bullying of patients or colleagues
  • Dishonesty

We are passionate about our values and expected behaviours. If you share them and want to be part of delivering an excellent service, then University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust could be the place for you.