South Asian Heritage month – Dr Sayani Banergee

One day, my partner and I packed our bags and took the flight to England, to Weston General Hospital, Weston Super Mare. I remember the chilling dark night we landed in London. I bet, we were petrified, first time outside India, in a foreign land. I can’t thank Suman enough, my pastoral support officer, who made the rest of journey and my beginning in the UK so effortless.

Weston is my first job in England and generosity of each and every member of staff helped it to be a great segue for me in Weston. I only joined Weston General Hospital 6 months ago. Yet, I have managed to participate in many academic activities, which is indeed important for my career growth, because I am part of UHBW.

In this South Asian heritage month, I take pride coming from a country named India, situated in South East Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country, and the largest democracy in the world. India is recognized as one of the mega-diverse countries, rich in biodiversity and cultural diversity and associated traditional knowledge. Indian culture is one of the most ancient cultures present in the world. The country is quite diverse and is home to several communities, each of whom has their own culture and traditions. It is this combination of various splendid cultures that make India one of a kind. The Indian cultural diversity is what makes India unique and beautiful, like a rainbow. From the attire worn by the people belonging to different communities to the languages spoken and even in the food habits, the country both reflects its diversity and varied heritage.

Surprisingly, I see even more diversity here in Weston, in people. I see people, colleagues every day, not only from different regions, religions but also from different countries, are working and living in harmony and peace. The beautiful sunsets in the beach or the blissful winds in the Uphill to the time you can managed from your work to pause, to witness these beautiful moments of life are the things make working in Weston so special for me. Weston is also special because of its people, who take time to stop by and wish you every day, who treats you like one of their own, who makes you feel you’re home. Above all, after coming from India, Weston helped me to be myself wholly, as I was enabled to get married to my partner Shreya, which could never be possible back home. Here I got everything I ever wanted from life. Life that I cherish.

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