A Vision for the Future of Weston General Hospital

Healthy Weston is a vision that represents an innovative and bold step towards redefining healthcare in the Weston community. With a patient centred approach and a commitment to excellence, our focus is on enhancing the overall care experience, delivering timely, compassionate, and specialised care to those in need.

Healthy Weston

As Weston’s population continues to grow and diversify, the demands on healthcare services are evolving. Healthy Weston is our response to these changing needs providing tailored medical care through innovative services such as Geriatric Emergency Medicine (GEMS) Enhancements, Acute Medical Unit (AMU) Enhancements, and the Older People’s Assessment Unit (OPAU) Implementation.

Same Day Emergency Care Service (SDEC)

Same Day Emergency Care Service (SDEC) is a cornerstone of this new vision, symbolising a step change in urgent medical treatment. By focusing on providing rapid diagnostics and immediate care, SDEC aims to treat and discharge patients on the same day, minimising hospital stays.

The benefits of SDEC are manifold. For patients, it means quicker access to treatment, reduced waiting times, and the comfort of recovering at home. For healthcare providers, it enhances workflow efficiency and allows resources to be channelled where they are most needed. By recruiting skilled staff and investing in the latest medical technologies, SDEC ensures that emergency care in Weston is at the forefront of medical innovation.

We are also investing a recent significant funding of £5M from NHS England to expand and improve our urgent care services. This not only promises to create additional space, thus improving fast flow and reducing pressure on colleagues throughout the hospital, but it also means more patients in North Somerset can receive treatment for conditions that can be rapidly diagnosed and treated and can go home without being admitted to a ward.

The expansion will provide a new SDEC  as well as more space for paediatric emergency department (in line with RCPM and CQC guidelines), ED observations fast flow, and rapid assessment triage and treatment. The new SDEC and paediatric ED reconfiguration form the first phase of the project, with the aim of having both facilities available to occupy and care for those in need by December 2024.


Acute Medical Unit (AMU) Enhancements

Delivering acute adult in-patient care via the right pathways is core to our vision for Weston Hospital. Innovative and equitable models of delivery are in development with local partners in the place of Weston and across UHBW for in-reach, outreach and transfer. This creates exciting opportunities for skills development and professional careers.

The acute medical unit (AMU) will provide continuous observation and immediate intervention for adult non-frail patients in a critical condition. The staff working in AMU will specialise in managing patients who are acutely unwell and will have access to advance technology required to deliver the care required.

AMU’s focus is not just on immediate care but also on the holistic well-being of the patient. Collaboration with families, mental health professionals, and supportive care teams ensures that every aspect of a patient’s recovery is considered. These changes symbolise a commitment to patient safety and personalised care, delivering the best outcomes for those in need.

Older People’s Assessment Unit (OPAU) Implementation & Geriatric Emergency Medicine (GEMS) Enhancements

With an ageing population, the need for specialised geriatric care is paramount. The Geriatric Emergency Medicine (GEMS) at Weston General Hospital are a direct response to this necessity.

By expanding the GEMS service at the hospital’s front door, we aim to care for more patients with specialised needs. Expanding both the team and working hours in the emergency department ensures more comprehensive care and greater job satisfaction for the medical professionals.

Understanding Older People’s Needs Healthy Weston recognises the complex needs of older individuals presenting for acute medical care. The Older People’s Assessment Unit (OPAU) focuses on initiating a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment delivered by a multidisciplinary team at the earliest stage of hospital admission. Whether returning patients to their homes within the first 72 hours in hospital or assessing their need for admission to specialised care of the elderly wards for continued treatment, OPAU’s innovative strategies aim to optimise clinical care from the outset thus enhancing patient satisfaction and reducing hospital length of stay.

Becoming a Surgical Centre of Excellence

The journey to becoming a Surgical Centre of Excellence is a bold step for Weston General Hospital. It embodies the aspiration to create a high volume, lower complexity Centre of Excellence for Surgery, delivering top-tier surgical interventions as a key part of the UHBW surgical strategy and vision. By fostering collaboration and growth, the Centre aims to be an environment where innovation thrives. It will be a place where passionate individuals can aspire to grow personally and professionally while providing exemplary surgical care.

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You and Weston – A great match!

Are you looking for an environment, which is more than just a workplace? One where your career and life aspirations can flourish? Then, welcome to Weston General Hospital – your perfect match!

Warm and welcoming, we foster strong bonds and a collaborative atmosphere, creating a friendly environment for your career to thrive. Our dedication to community extends beyond the hospital walls with numerous staff get-togethers, including fun-filled quiz nights, regular cricket matches, and exciting nights out. As a university trust, we also open doors to cutting-edge research and offer continuous educational growth, ensuring that your professional journey is always on the path to excellence.

Living in Weston –
Beyond Hospital Walls

Weston-super-Mare: a charming coastal town just off the M5, close to Bristol. Rich in Victorian history and surrounded by beautiful beaches, it’s an ideal place to live. Enjoy a thriving local community, independent shops, and great transport links. Weston offers a relaxed lifestyle with proximity to Bristol and numerous beaches. Explore fulfilling career opportunities at Weston General Hospital and make it your home. Find our more, visit: www.superweston.net

Weston Super Mare
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Shared Values –
Yours and ours

Our values tell us what it means to be part of Team UHBW. Developed with staff, these values go to the heart of our organisation and are our guiding principles. They drive our behaviour and shape our identity and culture as a Trust to provide the best possible environment for patients and staff.

Your values do the same. They drive your attitude to your work, your family and your community and when they align so perfectly with ours you will know you are in the right place.

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