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Located in the heart of the South West of England, our Trust has hospitals located across the city of Bristol and the seaside town of Weston. Both offer a different style of living, both beautiful and great places to live and work.

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Whether you’re based in Bristol or Weston, if you’re looking to relocate you won’t be disappointed. Both locations boasting a thriving scene of independent shops, cafes, and music venues, with great transportation links.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I apply?

We have vacancies open for Registered Nurses at UHBW. You will need to complete a full application giving your education history, NMC registration details, employment history, referee details and supporting information. Please state clearly in your supporting information what your preferred specialty is so we can make sure you are interviewed by the right people. If you have any questions about your application or the application process please email Depending on whether you are Experienced or Newly Qualified please see one of the following links to apply:

Experienced Adult Nurse
Experienced Paediatric Nurse 
NQ Adult Nurse

What is a preceptorship?

Preceptorship is a period to guide and support all newly qualified practitioners to make the transition from student to registrant. Preceptorship is endorsed by Health Education England (HEE), The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and The Healthcare Professionals Council (HCPC). At UHBW, our preceptorship is compulsory and is 12 months, from the date you receive your PIN or start a Band 5 role. Preceptorship is designed for Nurses (Adult and Child Field), Midwives and Operating Department Practitioners (ODPs). Our current Preceptorship offer is:

– An allocated Preceptor from day 1, who will support you to successfully complete your Preceptorship. 
– The Preceptorship Document; which is a framework to help you identify and evidence your development needs, during your first year of registration.
– Peer Support. UHBW supports a large number of newly qualified practitioners each year.

We recognise that the transition from student to Newly Qualified Practitioner can be challenging. Preceptorship provides an opportunity to settle and develop into your new role. Preceptorship will help you to prepare for your first appraisal and will contribute to your revalidation/re-registration.

What Wellbeing support do you offer?

Here at UHBW we have a network of specialists working to ensure that employee wellbeing is prioritised and supported. Mental health and physical wellbeing affect every one of us. We are proud to be a Trust that recognise this and encourage colleagues to prioritise their wellbeing. Whether we’re talking about physical or emotional wellbeing; we have resources available. Find out more by contacting the Wellbeing Team at

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Practice Development Nurse

Hello my name is Tracy; I have been qualified for quite some time now. My experience is mainly within the surgical specialty, though I do have 10 years’ experience within A&E. Before becoming a Practice Development Education Facilitator, I was a Junior Sister on an acute surgical ward. When this post was initially advertised in 2018, I read the job description and instantly knew this was the role for me.

I am very passionate about nursing and consider myself to be a good professional role model. Nurses are time pressured to teach, I knew this role would allow me to spend quality time with those I am working with, teaching important clinical skills on the ward. In this role I can overcome the challenges as they happen and I am able to better support people.  My colleague Jayne and I cover the wards and share knowledge with our Practice development team in theatres, ITU and A&E. Being able to meet up and sharing our teaching, help us all become aligned in our approach and ultimately our goal.

There are so many things that I enjoy about this role. Being about able to work autonomously is an important part of this role. Every day is different, there of course is some structure that is “fixed”, but anything can happen meaning your day will take different turns. I am able to provide down to earth training opportunities for staff, and reduce adverse events happening. Teaching on a 1:1 basis or a small group, people feel like they can open up and ask questions or try a new skill with confidence. I guess it’s more about giving people the chance to learn skills in a more relaxed setting. We help to build confidence and competence.

The last two years have been a roller-coaster. This role had been tried before, but for many reasons it was not working to its full potential. So our Trust decided to invest in it, two of us started – one in medical and one in surgical. With just a job description and a bleep, we were involved in a 6 month nutritional collaborative, QI projects and developing new documentation for catheters and mouth care.  Our teaching started off with ‘hot topics’ and developed into a weekly programme called ‘Teaching Thursday’, which went on to become embedded in our hospital culture. Specialised nurses and reps delivered a robust teaching programme, all of which covered all the risks areas such as; pressure sore grading, VIP scores, pain management, falls and wound care. Many registered nurses came in on their day off to attend our courses – to which we provided certificates of attendance to count towards their revalidation. There were many presentations of our work at ward Wednesday (weekly Matrons meeting), NMC meeting and clinical celebrations day. Some of my proudest moments in this role include receiving a nomination at the Celebration of success and I also won Director of Nursing award for teacher/educator on National Nurses day.

In the February of 2019, we were approached to provide support to our overseas nurses. Recruitment of 30 nurses had already taken place, they then needed us to step up and help them through the OSCE process. Over the last two years we have factored this into our work plan with a  huge success rate, we now support in the classroom with the skills . Sometimes we can have overlapping groups, we never know how many nurses we have to support at a time – Which can be very challenging but also very satisfying when they pass!

Last year changed our lives forever with the pandemic, our jobs changed and developed as did everything else. Initially supporting ITU in the first wave and then on to providing a PPE support guardian role. We began training staff how to ‘don and doff ‘PPE, this included; estates, porters as well as clinical staff. We are continually guiding staff on how to take COVID swabs, as the process changes frequently! As flu vaccinators, we both became involved in the roll out of the COVID vaccine programme.

We all teach, mentor and support staff – but this role allows job satisfaction. Working with an individual and watching them grow and develop is truly rewarding. We are lucky enough to be able to spend quality time with individuals and support them in building their confidence.   Also I see this role as a part of staff retention, Sometimes people feel overwhelmed by; a new responsibility, new place of work or different area. Our job is to provide the certain skills to help people or point them in the right direction.

This role is all about development, which includes the role itself. Everyone has had a difficult year, with many challenges. Our patients being looked after by available staff with different skill sets. With staff being moved to cover different areas and naturally picking up new skills along the way. It’s all about changing with the times- trying to find ways that will make it work.

If you are passionate about nursing and teaching, then this is the ‘Dream Job’ (It is mine).


Bank Nursing Assistant

I work on the Bank because I’m completely in control of when I work and how much I work. It’s so flexible!


Bank Cleaning & Catering Assistant

I work on the Bank because it is very flexible and I work when I want to. I have the freedom to work the hours I want and being able to work in lots of different places and meet lots of people as well.


Bank Occupational Therapist

By working on the Bank it just gives me the work life balance that I want. I get to choose when I want to work, it’s great!


Bank Registered Nurse

Working on the Bank allows me to get a taster of different areas around the hospital and work out where I might like to take my career in the future. By working on lots of different wards it has helped me become more adaptable and embrace whatever comes my way, which as a nurse, are key skills to have.


Nurse Recruitment & Retention Lead

Melody is the Recruitment Lead for Weston Division. She is a skilled nurse practitioner, currently working as a Matron with over 18 years of experience in NHS. Melody has successfully managed a number of specialty wards focused on Elderly Care, Stroke, Respiratory Care, Gastroenterology and Diabetics. She is passionate, empathetic and a collaborative leader who strongly believes that nursing has given her the good fortune to make a difference in people’s lives every day.

The Weston Division pride ourselves on ensuring that our patients receive only the best care and  we are privileged to serve our community, our neighbours and our friends. There are number of specialty wards and departments within the hospital include ED & Medical Admission unit.


Adelaide & Suzanne

Respiratory Sisters

Adelaide and Suzanne are proud of the newly merged ward they work on and are looking for motivated and innovative nurses to join their team.

‘We are now based on a newer ward with big bays and lots of glass that provides natural light for our patients and staff.’

‘Respiratory is a great stepping stone into other fantastic areas such as Critical Care, AMU, ED as well as management roles. – we have very strong links with the other wards in the Trust.’

‘This is a really responsive ward who have students, Newly Qualified nurses and TNA’s that all benefit from mentor support.’

‘Having two ward Sisters means there is double the help available to our staff and patients – allowing one of us to always remain clinical.’



Lead Nurse for Recruitment and Strategy

Jenni is the recruitment lead nurse for the Women’s and Children’s division. This is a very varied division and Jenni leads on the recruitment of Children’s Nurses, Adult Nurses and Midwives. This includes Midwifery and women’s services at both St Michael’s Hospital, Weston General Hospital and community settings, and children’s services at the specialist, tertiary centre Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.

Contact – W&

Matt & Angela

Nurse Recruitment & Retention Leads

Matt and Angela are the Recruitment Leads for the Medicine division. Within the division of Medicine the majority of our patients are emergencies and therefore we never know what comes through the door. If variety and personal development is what you are looking for then look no further. Some of the specialities in the division include ED, Stroke, Care of the Elderly, Dermatology and Respiratory to name a few.

Contact –


Nurse Recruitment & Retention Lead

The division of Surgery, a large division that includes a Surgical and Trauma Assessment Unit, Trauma & Orthopaedics, Thoracic, Ear Nose & Throat, Maxillofacial, Upper and Lower Gastrointestinal subspecialties, General Intensive Care Unit, supported by a Pre-Operative Assessment Department, three surgical theatre complexes and an endoscopy suite. The Division of Surgery also includes the Bristol Eye Hospital and a Surgical Day Unit at the South Bristol Community Centre.

The Specialised Services Division could see you working in the Bristol Heart Institute with specialities in CICU, Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery and a Cardiac Catheter Suite, or at the Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre which has dedicated wards for Haematology, Oncology and a Teenage and Young Adult Unit, supported by two day units, an OPD and a clinical trials unit.

Contact –


Bank Cleaning and Catering Assistant

Jason joined the Bank team in November 2017. He loves the comradery that comes with working for Bank and couldn’t be happier as part of the cleaning and catering team.

Where it all began…

Jason was looking for a job that offered him flexibility with his working hours, but that also gave him the opportunity to work as part of a team.

So, when Jason heard about Bank roles at UHBW, he signed up straight away, becoming an eager member of the Cleaning and Catering department.

A family atmosphere…

For Jason, the best thing about working at UHBW are his fellow colleagues. As a real people-person Jason has always hated the idea of working in an isolated role.

Right from day one, the friendly and supportive team at UHBW have created a real family atmosphere for Jason, helping him settle in and making even the longest of shifts enjoyable.

“We really are an Outstanding Trust and it shows from the inside out!”


“I just love it here! The flexibility and variety of being able to work in different areas across the Trust make this job perfect whatever your situation.”


“If you’re looking for a fun role that offers you something different with every shift, apply today!”


Recruitment & Retention Manager

Where it all began…

After completing his first apprenticeship in HR, Harry moved on to become a Recruitment Administrator, where he proudly took on the Temporary Staffing Recruitment Project, helping UH Bristol and Weston recruit and retain temporary staff members across the Trust.

Inspired by the role he played in this project, Harry decided to pursue his passion for recruitment, but focus his attention instead on Estates & Facilities (E&F). Now, as Recruitment & Retention Manager for the E&F department, Harry works to attract new candidates and support them on their journey to becoming full time members of the UH Bristol and Weston team.

Finding his passion…

Through his apprenticeships, Harry found a passion for discovering new skills and challenging himself to roles he’d never considered before. It’s this drive that inspired him settle in a recruitment role.

Keen to share his passion for personal development, Harry is proud to work in a role that allows him really to help find and nurture new talent, supporting them throughout their learning journey and inspiring them to strive higher than they’d ever dreamed to before.

“There’s never a day when I don’t feel proud of the work that I do. When I started out, I never thought for one moment that there would be so much opportunity to learn and grow.”

“Now I’m lucky enough to spend my days helping others start their own journey to find a career that really does make a difference.”

“Staff within E&F are often our ‘unsung heroes’ and part of my role involves promoting what we all do, and making sure people in and out of the organisation see the contributions our staff make every day.”


Radiation Imaging Physicist

Sarah has been working as a Radiation Imaging Physicist at University Hospitals Bristol and Weston for just over two years. Since joining UHBW, she’s been overwhelmed by the amount of support she’s had from her colleagues and the Trust, who have enabled her to start out on a whole new phase of her career.

Where it all began…

Having completed a Masters in Physics at the University of Leeds and a Masters in Medical Physics at the University of Aberdeen, Sarah went on to train as a Clinical Scientist at NHS Highland, specialising in Diagnostic Radiology and Radiation Protection.

Qualifying in 2015, Sarah moved down South to Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals, where she worked in both Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine.

Moving home…

Originally from Wales, Sarah was keen to move closer home. So when a Medical Physics job came up at UHBW she leapt at the opportunity, taking up a role in the Medical Physics and Bioengineering department, providing essential scientific and technical support to the Radiology departments across the Bristol area.

Sarah is now in the process of completing her NHS Higher Specialist Scientist Training (HSST) – a five year workplace-based training programme that provides opportunities to train to become eligible to apply for available Consultant Clinical Scientist posts. Now into her third year of the programme, Sarah feels HSST has provided her with so much opportunity in terms of both professional and personal development and can’t wait to get stuck in to her research, development and innovation project over the next few years.

“I’ve lived in five different cities in the UK so far, and Bristol is definitely my favourite – I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon. There’s so much going on, I can cycle to work in 15 minutes and escape to the countryside for a weekend walk in 20. It really is the best of both worlds!”


Vascular Clinical Scientist

After 10-years in Marketing, Michelle decided she wanted a change in career. Starting out as a Trainee Clinical Vascular Scientist in 2009, she’s now worked at University Hospitals Bristol and Weston for over 11-years.

Where it all began…

Michelle always felt that she’d settled in her job, rather than finding career she was really passionate about. This led her to starting a degree in Life Science with The Open University. Having always been interested in science and healthcare, Michelle set out to find a role that would offer a second chance to find a career she loved.

New beginnings…

Drawn to UHBW for its university links and renowned research opportunities, Michelle landed a position as Trainee Clinical Vascular Scientist – a role which granted her a 3-year training programme as well as an MSc in Medical Ultrasound from UWE.

On completion, Michelle was offered a permanent position at UHBW, quickly going onto complete her practical and theory exams for the Society for Vascular Technology to become an accredited Vascular Scientist.

Stepping into research…

But Michelle’s journey did not stop there. Having always enjoyed the research that came with her training, Michelle determined that this was something she wanted to pursue further.

Applying for a doctoral fellowship with the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), Michelle was granted 60% research alongside her clinical practice. She completed her PhD over the course of 5-years alongside her current role.

“I was so pleased to be able to stay at UH Bristol and Weston after my training. They’ve invested so much into me and I really wanted to be able to give something back. I feel so engaged with the Trust, they’ve supported me so well and I have always resonated with the Trust Values.”

“UHBW are great advocates for helping you pursue more than just the day job. I have always been encouraged to explore my interests and then supported when I do so. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.”


Sister at the Bristol Eye Hospital

Rowena didn’t have much experience in ophthalmology when she started out at Bristol Eye Hospital. But with support from the doctors and all the opportunities available to help build her knowledge, she soon fell in love with the speciality.

Only a couple of years later, Rowena decided to strive higher, reaching out for the Trust to fund her training to become a Nurse Practitioner at Bristol Eye Hospital.

Giving something back…

In 2016, Rowena took up the role as a Health Educator, in charge of supporting new staff, facilitating their training and ensuring they’re always up to date. This was a part of the role she felt passionate about, having been supported in her own training at Bristol Eye Hospital.

In 2018, Rowena started in her current role as a Band 7 Sister, a role which provides her with even more responsibility, as well as the opportunity to move into the management side, supporting the Matron in improving the service, managing her clinical practice and helping build a positive image of the Trust.

 “I was excited to work for UH Bristol  and Weston because the Trust specialises in so many different areas.”

“Starting out as a Nurse who had no knowledge in eye treatments, all the staff were so friendly and supportive in helping me learn and develop.”


Nursing Assistant

Rising Star, Ana, wanted a new challenge. That’s why she made the decision to change career paths. Having left her role in a care home back in 2016, Ana now works as a Nursing Assistant on the Cystic Fibrosis and Gastro ward at UH Bristol and Weston.

Where it all began…

Ana has always wanted a career in care, and before coming to UH Bristol and Weston she had a steady job working in a care home. However, with limited opportunities for progression, Ana began to feel that she had more to give.

By applying to work in a hospital setting, Ana hoped she would be able to discover a role that would help her widen her knowledge and take on greater responsibilities for the people in her care.

Developing new skills…

For Ana, a career at UH Bristol and Weston has been everything she hoped it would be. Since starting as a Nursing Assistant in 2016, Ana has been able to learn new skills through a mixture of training and on-the-job learning. She now feels proud to able to carry out small procedures such as taking bloods and ECGs, which she would never have been able to learn in a care home.

Of course, Ana was nervous when she started – worried that her background in care would be too limited to transfer into such a clinical setting. But right from day one, all the staff were really helpful and friendly. There’s always someone willing to help when she has questions.

“Being a Nursing Assistant can be challenging at times – it’s definitely more full-on than my job at the care home. But for all those who love to care for people, this really is the most rewarding job.”

“Not a day goes by where you don’t go home thinking, yes – I did something good today.”


Paediatric Advanced Transport Nurse Practitioner

Where it all began…

Colin started as a Newly Qualified Band 5 Nurse in 2000. Always drawn to Paediatric Intensive Care, Colin continued to work in the same role for 7-years, before progressing to a Band 6 role in the Outreach Paediatric Team.

Training on the job…

While continuing his role has a Band 6 Nurse, Colin took on a secondment as a Band 7 Site Manager. After two years’ training, he was made an Advanced Nurse Practitioner. He started in his current role in 2014 as an Advanced Care Transport Practitioner in the Retrieval Service – transferring critically ill children to the Children’s Intensive Care Unit from across South West England and South Wales.

Colin is grateful to the Trust for opening doors for him to take new opportunities and experience new roles. Without it, he would never have discovered the job he works in now.

Still keen to keep learning, Colin is now in the process of completing a Masters in ‘Advanced Practice’ through the Trust.

“There is no same day. Every day presents a different and sometimes difficult challenge. Working with critically ill children, it can be difficult sometimes to stay positive when days are hard. But staff are always on hand to praise and motivate each other. A positive spirit is so important.”

“Bristol is such a diverse and multicultural city. It’s wonderful to be living in a city where you meet people from different backgrounds, and with the Trust being located right in the centre of the town, everything is very accessible – it’s great to be able to go out and socialise after a long shift!”


Apprentice Nursing Assistant

Jamie started as an Apprentice Nursing Assistant in November 2017 in the Stroke ward. Having come from a non-nursing background, Jamie has been surprised by just how rewarding the job can be.

Where it all began…

Jamie has always been in search of a career that can help her give something back. But it was only when she had the opportunity to do some work experience in a Rehabilitation Centre that she began to consider a career in Nursing.

After being accepted as an Apprentice Nursing Assistant at UH Bristol, Jamie was thrilled to be place in the Stroke ward – an environment where she feels her work really is touching lives.

Teamwork is everything…

For Jamie, teamwork is one of the most important aspects of working at UH Bristol, particularly on the Stroke ward where many different teams of healthcare professionals and hospital staff must work together in order to give the best quality of care.

From the doctors and the ward sisters, right down to the assistants and the juniors, everyone has their role and no-one is ever made to feel like their job is smaller than anyone else’s.

 “The support I get from the Trust is incredible. UH Bristol has a very person-centred approach to patients and staff: praising people, encouraging them and providing positive feedback.”  

“We have regular one-to-one meetings, so we always have opportunities to develop and find new opportunities if we want them.”

“The role can be challenging at times, but more importantly, it’s a very rewarding job. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.”

Test Test


Deputy Hotel Services Manager

Where it all began…

Kevin started off as a part-time Catering Assistant in 1996. After only a couple of months on the job, he was made a full-time substantive and remained in his role for 3 years, assisting in the preparation and distribution of the 1,000 meals served at University Hospitals Bristol and Weston every day.

In 1999, Kevin was promoted to Catering Supervisor, a role he enjoyed for 4 years before being made Deputy Catering Manager, and then later, Catering Manager in 2007.

Switching roles…

From 2011 to 2012, Kevin took on the additional role of Senior Support Manager on a secondment. It was a role he soon found he had a passion for, enjoying the challenge of transferring his skills as Catering Manager and applying them to another department.

In 2012, Kevin made the decision to apply for a permanent transfer, and was appointed as Deputy Hotel Services Manager, taking charge of a broader team with added responsibilities. It is a post he is still enjoying today.

“No two days are the same. I love working in Facilities because it’s so busy. The days fly by, and even the job itself seems to be constantly changing and evolving.”

“It’s impossible to get bored working here, and with so much opportunity to switch between departments and services, you’ll always be able to find a role that’s suited to you.”


Portering Manager

Where it all began…

Joe moved to Bristol from Portugal in 2000. Being Portuguese, with English as a second language, Joe was nervous about his ability to find a permanent job with the sort of long-term career progression he was hoping for. However, he soon found a role in University Hospitals Bristol and Weston as a HSA, and has been moving up ever since.

After only a year, Joe transferred into the kitchens, where he stayed as Catering Assistant for only 6 months before moving on to become a specialist Diet Chef and then a Chef Team Manager in the bistro, managing 25 people. Joe’s determination, drive and positive attitude set him out as a sturdy team member and helped him climb higher than he thought possible when he started out.

Moving up…

In 2012, with 4 years of management experience, Joe covered a job as a Portering Manager on a fixed term contract. It was a role he thrived in and was delighted when the contract was extended. After one further extension, Joe was offered the position permanently.

Joe now has a L4 Food Management and a L5 Leadership and Management qualification – qualifications he would never have had the confidence to complete if it wasn’t for the support and encouragement of the Trust and his team.

“When I moved to England, I thought it would be impossible to find a job with any sort of career progression. But at UHBW, there’s so much encouragement from everyone, that climbing up doesn’t even seem like a question.”

“I’m so proud of how far I’ve come, and I’m so grateful to the Trust for making it possible.”


Bank, Admin and Clerical

Where it all began…

For Janice, her career at University Hospitals Bristol and Weston is only just beginning. Only a month ago, Janice joined the UHBW Bank after being recommended the job by a friend. Janice was looking for a job which she could fit around her busy home-life. This was something she had been struggling with, so she is relieved to have found that UHBW’s zero-hour contracts, work differently to the ones she was used to.

With Bank, Janice is able to pick and choose the shifts that suit her – she can even choose the department that she wants to work for! With three small children, this sort of flexibility is crucial for Janice, but she’s also enjoying the security of a full-time position without the commitment to a rota.

Opening new doors…

Janice only came in for a temporary role, but having had insight into so many different departments around the hospital, she’s already starting to consider joining the Trust on a permanent basis once her children have started school.

“I never thought I would enjoy going to work like I do working for Bank. It’s very friendly, and the people are always very helpful. It is also very up to date with technology, which surprised me!”

“For anyone looking to get back into work after time away, Bank is such a good experience, especially for building confidence. It’s also a great way to get a foot on the ladder to something permanent.”


Bank Nursing Assistant

Joining the Bank has made more time for Alex to do the things he’s always wanted to do and take on new challenges both in his personal life and his career, by allowing him to have the flexibility to choose his own shifts.

Where it all began…

Alex decided to take the leap after seeing the availability of shifts the hospital had to offer.

“There are always shifts to choose from and there is a variety of shifts across the Trust to give you experience in different departments.”The team that Alex works alongside with on his bank shifts made the leap an easy one – “They are an amazing team of people, everyone is so friendly and it just works so well.”

Feeling inspired…

Alex was surprised by how immediately he fell in love with this new approach to his work. Surrounded by a team of friendly, supportive staff, he soon found that going to work didn’t have to be the chore he’d expected – “It can be so much fun and you can laugh a lot with the people that you work with. Everyone really is so friendly.”

Alex now looks forward to going to work while still being able to spend time doing the things he loves, with a little extra cash along the way. Being able to choose his shifts gives him the ability to pick from across all different departments, inspiring him to learn new skills and gain more fulfillment from his role than he ever had before.


We are a good Trust, it’s a Foundation Trust which just goes to show its accountability. Working in hospitals can sometimes be stressful but we are an outstanding Trust and it shows on the floor.”

“The people are what really make UHBW.”

“Right from day one, every team member I worked with was friendly and encouraging. There’s no hierarchy – even if you’ve never worked in that department before, everyone welcomes you in as one of their own.”


Admin & Clerical Bank Team Member

Where it all began…

Keith has always hated the idea of working in a job where he does the same tasks every day. So when he found an opening for the Bank team at UHBW, he leapt at the opportunity to discover a job that was truly flexible.

It’s all about variety…

Keith was delighted to find that his role at UH Bristol and Weston really could be as varied as he wanted it to be. Not only does Keith enjoy being able to mix up the times of day he works, but also which part of the hospital he works in.

Now Keith loves to spread his hours across a number of departements from up in HR to working on the wards, giving him the opportunity to try his hand at new tasks and work with different people every day.

“Just do it! The work is flexible and offers you so many different opportunities to learn and try out new things.”

“I’ve always loved being able to meet and work with new people, and now I get to do it every day! You always feel like you’re achieving something and growing as a person.

This really was the best move I’ve made in years, I’ve already recommended it to so many people!”



Where it all began…

Having graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2012 with a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science, Kate didn’t have any prior healthcare experience. Feeling it was important to work at a big teaching hospital where she could learn on the job, Kate decided that a job at University Hospitals Bristol and Weston would be the perfect place to achieve her dreams

Starting out as a Rotational Physiotherapy Assistant, Kate has worked her way up with the support of the Trust, studying Physiotherapy at UWE while continuing to gain experience in various positions at UHBW.

Recognising achievement…

Kate has now graduated as a Physiotherapist, and was awarded ‘The CSP South West Network Prize for Outstanding Clinical Performance’ and ‘The Physiotherapy Faculty Prize’ for a high level of academic achievement and making a positive contribution to both professional and faculty activities in recognition of her hard work.

“For me, moving to Bristol was the best decision. Not only is it such a beautiful and vibrant city to live in, but UH Bristol and Weston has given me the opportunity to qualify in a career I love, while working on the job.”

“I love that the Trust is so forward thinking and proactive about trying to develop and improve relative to changing demands with the aim of doing the best for patients. I’m so grateful for the incredible support of my team members.”



Where it all began…

Tim wanted to work in a medical environment from a young age, but after university he felt stuck for direction. Taking up small admin jobs, Tim decided to try and pursue his dreams, applying for a summer job in the Admin & Clerical department through the University Hospitals Bristol and Weston Bank (a scheme set up to help fill staffing gaps during busy periods, and offer staff the opportunity to pick up extra shifts).

From here, Tim moved into a full-time role on the Rheumatology reception and then on to the Radiology reception. It was here, that Tim discovered his true passion.

Dreaming big…

With a new career in sight, Tim managed to get extensive experience working in Ultrasound appointments and was also taken on as a Radiography Assistant to gain clinical experience, before being encouraged to apply for a Masters in Medical Ultrasound at UWE.

With support from UHBW, Tim worked hard with long hours to complete his qualifications, all while juggling a hands-on family life with a young daughter and a partner who was also studying a degree. But all his hard work paid off. Now with a distinction at Masters level and a progressive banded position, Tim is working in his dream role as a qualified Sonographer.

“I’ve lived in Bristol my whole life and I just love the city! The people are friendly – if you smile and strike up conversation, more often than not you’ll get something back.”

“UHBW boosted my confidence and gave me something to work towards. It’s so rewarding to work in patient care, to know that my diagnostics really do help in finding the best way for a patient to be treated.”

“I don’t see myself leaving UHBW anytime soon.”



Where it all began…

Having previously worked at Frenchay Hospital, Gloucestershire, Simon was on the lookout for an opportunity to take his career in a new direction. After recommendations from a friend who was then working at UHBW, Simon took the leap; taking up a role as Senior Radiographer. This was just the beginning of Simon’s journey.

Exploring new pathways…

As a Senior Radiographer, Simon brought much experience to the UHBW team, so when he took an interest in A&E, he was encouraged to make the switch, moving departments and putting his skills into practice in a new setting.

Having found a new professional direction, Simon fell back in love with Radiography and was soon promoted to Superintendent, before being made Principal Radiographer last year.

“There’s no working environment more supportive than UH Bristol and Weston. Everyone is keen to help you excel, encouraging every staff member to reach for career goals they didn’t even realise they had.”

“Even since I’ve been here, I’ve seen the team excel hugely. Everyone looks after one another and the constant technology advances really help us provide the best possible care.”



Where it all began…

Leanne started working at UHBW as an Audiologist in 2004, drawn to the Trust for the size of the Health Sciences department and the opportunity it offered her to explore different aspects of her role.

While in her role, Leanne has also enjoyed becoming a mentor for younger employees and students. Encouraged to take on the mentoring position by her seniors, Leanne was surprised by how much she enjoyed it and how much it revealed to her about her role as an Audiologist.

Inspired to climb…

Having had the opportunity to explore the different routes she could take to progress her career, Leanne became determined to get into STP (Clinical Scientist Training Programme) in order to progress and gain a master’s degree in her specialism.

“I fell in love with Bristol when I studied here for my undergraduate degree. It’s such a beautiful city with the perfect balance of city and countryside.”

“If you’re thinking of moving, come down for a weekend trip. Visit Clifton, The Downs, The Suspension Bridge and eat along the harbourside. You won’t ever want to leave.”


Consultant in Special Care Dentistry

Where it all began…

Having started at UHBW in 2012 as Specialist Registrar in Academic Fellow role, Shabnum has always shown an interest in research.

Becoming a qualified specialist in Special Care Dentistry in 2015, Shabnum split her post between community and hospital, enjoying the variety in being able to work in various community dental hospitals and assist patients with more complex, specialist needs.

Now working as a substantive Consultant at UHBW, Shabnum is looking forward to pursuing her love of research and teaching further.

A research hub…

Initially attracted to UHBW for its being a close proximity Trust with an easy flow of resources between different areas, Shabnum was further drawn in by the vast opportunities to get involved in medical research and make connections with visiting specialists.

Some of Shabnum’s greatest achievements are her various publications in peer reviewed journals including internationally renowned medical journal, The Lancet. She is also co-author of the Royal College of Surgery Oncology’s guidelines, enjoying her involvement with Undergraduate teaching for Special Care and the Primary Care Unit at UHBW and associated universities.

“The community dental service allows for a flow of resources between the Trust and smaller community dental practices – this is quite a unique model. It’s great because it creates a sharing of resources, expertise and a better patient flow for complex cases, allowing for increased learning opportunities, as well as improved standards of care.”

“Another important aspect for me has been the links between the dental hospital and the University of Bristol. As UHBW is a teaching hospital, there are so many more opportunities for research and teaching than you would get elsewhere.”


Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine

Where it all began…

Dan undertook General Paediatric training at University Hospitals Bristol and Weston from 2005 to 2013, taking a year out to study for an MSc in Epidemiology. His initial attraction to the Trust was the main children’s hospital, a tertiary centre and major trauma centre for the South West of England, where he really felt he would be inspired to excel in his speciality.

In 2015, Dan qualified as a Specialist Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine. Now working as a senior member across Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, he is dedicated to providing quality healthcare of the highest level and inspiring young doctors to strive for the top.

A culture of support…

The things that really stand out for Dan in the children’s hospital are the quality of care, the standard of the medicine practised, the commitment to innovation and the compassion and dedication of the people who work there. Dan is proud to be a part of the wider team and eager to support his juniors.

Dan is particularly focused on spot-lighting doctors’ well-being, both on mental and physical health. His firm belief that staff sickness is primarily related to stress, drove the creation of “You Got This”, a programme designed to support staff with innovations, events, blogs and sign posting to resources which provide well-being support.

“I have worked in various hospitals around the world including in North America and Africa and none and compete with the quality of care that UHBW offers.”

“The Bristol Royal Hospital for Children is an inspiring place and it’s the people who make it. The staff are amazing and the teams in which they work are fantastic. They are kind, dedicated, caring and make it a pleasure to work here.”


Consultant in Emergency Medicine

Where it all began…

Becky first came to University Hospitals Bristol and Weston in 2004 as an ED SHO. She did all of her training in South West Deanery, so spent a lot of time in the area exploring and settling into life in the South. She has now been a consultant in ED at UHBW for 5 years and feels she could never move.

What Becky loves most about UHBW in comparison to other Trusts, is the immense sense of team spirit, especially in ED, which she says feels like a huge extended family.

A support network…

When she started at UHBW, Becky felt quite shy working under supervision of such experienced consultants and registrars, but was soon relaxed by the friendliness of the team. Becky feels no sense of hierarchy within the ED department, and she loves to be made to feel so valued as a critical member of the team.

In the last 15 years working at the Trust, Becky has been overwhelmed by the support network on a number of occasions. Even in such a huge organisation, she has never felt unable to ask for support and has always found help when she has sought it out.

“I have always been pulled back to Bristol as a city I once lived in – you just never want to leave! You can be in what feels like the suburbs even though you’re in the city centre.”

“There’s so much to see and do, and yet you don’t feel that horrible claustrophobia of bigger cities like London or Manchester. It’s also a great place to raise a family.”


Chief Accountant

Where it all began…

In 2002, Stuart set out in search of a secure job, with an employer who actively supported their employees in the journey to progress in their professional career. Having been made aware of an opening at UHBW by a friend who was already a part of the Administration team, Stuart took the leap, taking up a role as an Accountant.

Never stop climbing…

Stuart always knew that he wanted to push himself further in his career, so was delighted to find that the Trust were willing to support him in gaining further education while working and gaining hands-on experience within the finance department.

Today Stuart is working as Chief Accountant here at UHBW.

“What makes the difference between finance in the NHS and a private company, is that here you can really feel that your skills make a difference to people’s lives.”

“It also allows you to have contact with people working in different roles, you’re constantly having to reach out to different departments for clarification on one thing or another. I find working for such a huge and progressive organisation simply fascinating.”



Where it all began…

Melissa started out as a Resourcing Administrator in the Temporary Staff Bureau team. Melissa’s hard work and dedication to the job impressed her seniors, and after only a year in her role, she was recommended to apply for a management role.

Taking the opportunity, Melissa had soon progressed to become a Team Manager, a role she took in her stride, transferring her skills and taking on new responsibilities as a senior member of the Administrative team.

Always opportunities to take…

This is what Melissa loves most about working for UH Bristol and Weston – that there are always opportunities to progress, as long as you show enthusiasm for the job you want to do.

Melissa feels tremendously grateful to have been given such great opportunities to develop her skills and advance her career. She is also thankful for the support of the team who encouraged her in taking that first step.

“The people, the atmosphere and the location – when you see people smiling, saying good morning, hello, thank you. It just makes you smile. It’s such a tight and supportive team.”

“It’s a pleasure coming to work in such a live and vibrant city as Bristol, especially in summer when we’ve got so many things going on and we are right in the centre of everything.”


HR Business Partner for Women’s and Children’s

Where it all began…

Lisa started in UH Bristol and Weston in 2002 as a Band 4 Medical HR Administrator. Always keen to progress in her role, Lisa was delighted when the Trust offered her the opportunity to study towards her CIPD qualification, a qualification which on completion, allowed her to apply for the role of HR Advisor.

On achieving her CIPD, Lisa was made HR Advisor in 2004, progressing steadily to Deputy HR Manager and then Project Manager inside HR, before starting her current role as a HR Business Partner in 2012.

Never a dull shift…

For Lisa, the best thing about working at UHBW has been the variety she gets in her work. Not just in her ability to progress in her role and to switch between departments, but also in the day-to-day variety of cases that she deals with and the people she works with.

“I think in the long-term, what made me stay was the security and the support that I felt while I was studying and all the progression opportunities that were given to me.”

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without the encouragement of my seniors and my colleagues, and of course the immense support of the Trust. I wouldn’t choose any other place to work.”


Diabetes Specialist Midwife

Where it all began…

Vicky joined the Trust in 2007 as a Newly Qualified Midwife after completing the University Hospitals Bristol and Weston Preceptorship Programme. Since then, Vicky has worked in the Delivery Suite, before continuing to work as a Community Midwife, a role she adored for the next five years.

Dreaming big…

In her current role as a Diabetes Specialist Midwife, Vicky works alongside Consultant Obstetricians and loves to get involved as much as she can, always eager to ask questions and learn beyond the limits of her role.

Vicky now harbours dreams of specialising further within her role by doing a Masters in Diabetes care. By drawing on the support of the Trust and her Midwifery team, Vicky is making a plan to begin the next step in her career, with the hopes of working in a more senior role in the Delivery Suite in the future.

“There are so many different development opportunities available within the Trust which can help you to progress your career, and so many different directions you can go in!”

“I also just love Bristol. It’s got such a multi-cultural atmosphere and so much to do and explore. It’s like having all the best bits of London on a smaller and calmer scale. I don’t think I could ever leave.”


Trainee Nurse Practitioner in Paediatric Neurosciences

Where it all began…

Isabel started at UHBW in 2015 as a Nurse in the Burns and High Dependency Ward. Six months later, she moved on to become a Nurse in the Critical Care Outreach Team, helping to provide a 24/7 service to deteriorating patients, avoiding them being admitted to the ICU.

Working in this role for over 4 years, Isabel was able to explore different specialities, developing her ability to make critical decisions and becoming inspired to strive for more in her career.

Learning on the job…

Taking advantage of the support available within the Trust to develop and harness new skills, Isabel has now completed a Masters in Clinical Examination and Diagnostic Reasoning. She has also successfully completed her Advanced Practitioner Life Support training as an Instructor.

In September 2018, Isabel started her training as a Nurse Practitioner, helping her to advance in her role clinically and work alongside the doctors. Isabel’s progression has been inspired by the support of the Trust and her peers, giving her the confidence to believe in her abilities and to reach out for new and more challenging roles.

“In the time I’ve worked at UHBW we have been world leaders in certain surgeries and procedures. As we’ve been the only centre in the world providing these super specialised surgeries or procedures I’ve met patients from all over the world – USA, Sweden, Holland.”

“It’s so exciting to be working in a hospital that really is at the forefront of pioneering therapies and knowing we’re the only centre in the world for these patients!”


Trainee Advanced Care Clinical Practitioner – ITU

Tenaya started out as a Nurse in 2009, but always strived to take on more responsibilities. She’s now training to become an Advanced Clinical Care Practitioner at University Hospitals Bristol and Weston, expanding her skill set and progressing her career in the direction she always dreamed.

Where it all began…

Tenaya completed her Nursing degree in UWE, doing all her training and placements at North Bristol Trust. However, on graduating she decided to join UHBW as a Newly Qualified in AMU, keen to explore the more expansive roles she could progress into.

Always interested in ITU, Tenaya quickly moved from AMU into the Intensive Treatment Unit where she stayed as a senior nurse for 3 years, before becoming a Senior Staff Nurse in the same ward.

Hungry for a new opportunity…

Feeling she’s reached the peak of her role, Tenaya became interested in progressing in her role clinically and taking on more responsibilities. In September 2018, she decided to train to become an Advanced Clinical Care Practitioner, working alongside the consultants and registrars and expanding her knowledge every day.

“The Trust has so many avenues for progression whether you want to expand into teaching, management or a new clinical route. It was a huge challenge for me to move from a role which I enjoyed and knew everything about, to a role where I knew nothing. But the team has been really supportive – it’s such an exciting opportunity to explore and learn new clinical procedures!”

“Team work makes the dream work – that’s our slogan on the ward! It creates such a positive team spirit, it always feels like a proper community.”


Senior Staff Nurse

Grace joined the Trust as a Newly Qualified Nurse in September 2017, and through her boundless enthusiasm and the support from her mentors, was promoted within the year to take on a position as Senior Staff Nurse.

Where it all began…

Starting out as a Junior on the Older People’s ward, Grace successfully completed her preceptorship programme in just 8 months. Clearly thriving in her role, The Matrons were really eager to help her move up and supported Grace in applying for a senior position within the year.

Supported learning…

As a Newly Qualified Nurse who just started a year ago, Grace did not think she would be eligible for a senior role. However, with support from her seniors, she was encouraged to strive higher, and is now keen to help others do the same.

Grace is now a part of the FLAP (Facilitated Learning and Assessment in Practice) mentorship programme, providing mentoring for Student Nurses coming up. The Trust is also helping her study a Physical Assessment and Clinical Reasoning module (PACR) which will contribute to a Masters.

“Having lived and studied outside Bristol, relocating was a big move! I thought I’d be terrified, but there’s so much to explore here, that I found I really enjoyed getting to know my new home.”

“There’s so much more you can get out of your career working at University Hospitals Bristol and Weston – it’s so much more than just a job! I’m currently working on a campaign known as the End PJ Paralysis, helping older patients recover and get out of their pyjamas so they can get home quicker. I feel so fortunate to have so much support from my team.”

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