On behalf of Professor Stuart Walker, Interim Chief Executive, we would like to welcome you to University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust.

Weston Arrival and Registration Instructions:

Please plan to arrive at the North Somerset Academy, Weston General Hospital, Grange Road, Uphill, BS23 4TQ, for registration at 0815 AM.

There is a staff car park next to the Academy. If the barricade is not open on the first day, please feel welcome to pull up outside the Academy and one of the staff will be happy to let you into the car park. You should receive your badge on your first day which will give you access to the car park from then on. Please consider using public transport if possible as there are good connections to the hospital.

Please note the Academy Building is badge only access until 8am so you may not have access before this time.

Registration will take place in the lecture theatre on arrival followed by a corporate welcome. Staff will be available to process your ID badge, and to assist you if you need to complete any additional paperwork. There are catering facilities available on site to purchase drinks or lunch if required.

Please be reminded to bring some official picture Identification (passport, driver’s licence, etc.) to help speed the registration process

HCSW schedule – start and end times:

You will be provided with more specific timings, for the various skills programmes each day, after your arrival on Monday, but the start/end times shown below are accurate for your planning.

  • Monday 0815 – 1600 (Registration, Welcome, Basic Life Support session)
  • Tuesday 0830 – 1630 (HCSW Skills)
  • Wednesday 0830 – 1630 (HCSW Skills)
  • Thursday 0845 – 1645 (Moving & Handling, HCSW Skills)
  • Friday 0800 – 1600

The Friday schedule will either be a shift on your allocated ward or attending additional skills training. You will be informed during your HCSW induction which this will be. There may be a further day of training in HCSW Skills arranged for a later date, but you will be advised of this date at the proper time. 

‘Passporting’ prior mandatory/statutory training:

The Trust is keen to ‘passport’ previously completed mandatory/statutory training from a previous organisation onto your UHBW training record, providing it meets necessary criteria.

Core skills training records can only be accepted if they are from a recognisable NHS health body. If accepted, the records will be validated and transferred to your UHBW learning account after your start date and will reduce the number of topics you will need to complete.

If you have any records to submit, please do so via this form https://forms.office.com/e/pYYgjLqPPi – if you have any questions about this form please contact Passporting@uhbw.nhs.uk

Covid-19 Instructions:

Do not attend registration if you test positive for Covid, in which case you should self-isolate and contact us. We will arrange an alternative start date.

Weston: call 01934 881 091 or email CorporateEducation@UHBW.nhs.uk

We look forward to welcoming you.  In the meantime if you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact us on the details below.

Many thanks,

Corporate Education Team | Weston General Hospital/ UHBW

Academy, Grange Road, Uphill, BS23 4TQ

Direct dial: 01934 881091