We offer Career Clinics to our existing nursing staff within UHBW

What is a career clinic?

A career clinic provides the opportunity for a member of staff to access a coaching conversation to explore opportunities for development, career moves and internal transitions.

Your professional development within UHBW is very important to us and we encourage our staff to have conversations with our facilitators to explore the various pathways to progression that is available within the trust.

What is an internal transfer?

An internal transfer provides a member of staff with the opportunity to move to a new position within the trust and bypass the lengthy application process. An internal transfer could be one of the outcomes of a career clinic appointment.

Who are career clinics for?

Career clinics are for internal nursing employees and are available to:

  • Healthcare Support Workers
  • Student Nursing Associates
  • Nursing Associates
  • Registered Nurses
  • Nursing Students

There may be opportunities for staff from other areas of the trust who are interested in a career in nursing or looking to become a healthcare support worker.


What are the benefits?

  • A confidential, structured conversation with a facilitator who is dedicated to supporting your professional growth
  • Developing self-awareness, increasing confidence and motivation
  • Understanding different career pathways
  • Exploring options for learning and development
  • An opportunity to network with trust members outside of your department

What is the process?

  • Request a career conversation by completing the booking form below
  • Utilise the description box within the booking form to provide the facilitator with an overview of what you would like to discuss within the appointment
  • Upon completion, you will receive confirmation of the appointment via email which will contain the date, time and location of your career clinic
  • Career clinics are booked in 20 minute timeslots providing you with the opportunity to discuss development pathways and opportunities


Nursing & Midwifery Career Clinics

Nursing & Midwifery Career Clinics

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