Thank you for completing your recent application, in order to progress your application, we require you to complete the below form to assist in placing you in a role that is best suited to you, once completed you will be sent a link to complete a virtual interview.

Support Services Post Interview Form
For reasons of Health & Safety, Infection Prevention, and maintaining a professional image at all times to the public, we have strict uniform standards. In the role of a Hotel Service Assistant, this means our staff are required to wear short sleeved polos/tunics, black trousers, and plain single coloured dark shoes. This means you will not be able to wear clothes that prevent you from being bare below the elbow, no hats or long headscarves that may obstruct your safety at work. This also includes cardigan, shorts, hooded jumpers or t-shirts under work uniform that fail to meet the standards. Jewellery must adhere to Trust policies, which will be explained at Local Induction should you obtain employment with us. All uniform must not have logos/brands on. You will have also have to bare nails, with no false or painted nails allowed. *
Due to the ongoing Covid-19 response, all staff will be required to work in areas that may have Covid-19 Positive patients, you will be provided with all the appropriate PPE, training & support. Do you understand and confirm you're happy to work in these areas? *
During shifts worked, you may or may not be entitled to an unpaid break due to the length of your shifts. For example, if you work an 8 hour day you will be entitled to a 30 minute unpaid break, however for example if you work a 6 hour shift, there may be no allocated break times. Your break times are allocated by your team leader/manager, and must be taken at the time specified or differently if agreed with them. You are not permitted to take unauthorised breaks e.g. to take a phone call, eat a snack, prayer. If you require a break, this needs to be approved by your line manager during your shift. This includes cigarette breaks. *